The Handy Bridal Kit

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There are small mishaps that happen and can be sorted out by using contents in the bridal kit. For instance what happens if the zipper of the bride’s gown snapped open? What if her gown got a tear would she face her guests with such a shabby look?

This is when the bridal kit comes in. Some matrons shared what they carry to meet the different challenges.

The handkerchief is important so that the matron can dab the sweat off the bride’s face and prevent the foundation from running.

Safety pins; these come in  handy when you have to fasten gaping holes so that the bride appears smarts.

Brooch; there is a stylist who swears by this accessory. She plays around with the brooch on the lapel of a jacket, on dresses below the shoulder blade and as a fastener on a belt made from fabric.  Therefore you can use the brooch to disguise mishaps like a tear near the shoulder and no one will ever know.

Hairpins; are handy when that hairstyle is threatening to give way, with the hair getting out of place. There is nothing than fastening a few hairpins cannot do.

Makeup kit; as long as the matron can expertly apply makeup then this is a tool you cannot do without. The simple must haves include; lip gloss, eye liner and eye shadow. With such basics you should be able to have a fresh appearance of makeup.

Compact powder; is preferred not foundation because you cannot keep applying more otherwise the face will look caked. However, it is important to note that the compact powder is recommended by your beautician so that the bride gets what is appropriate for her complexion.

Facial bloating tissue; to remove excess oil as the day progresses leaving the bride’s makeup neat.

Tissue can be used this way; by pressing your lips together with tissue in between, this helps to keep the lipstick on for longer. Then apply lip gloss.

Feminine wipes; are best used when cleaning the nether regions for freshness.

Body wipes; to clean the hands of the bride are a welcome idea.

Perfume; in a sample bottle so that your kit is not bulky is great. Use the perfume to freshen up.

Sanitary pads; are needed for emergency you never know when the bride’s menstrual cycle might start. Even for brides with a regular cycle there have been surprises because of the excitement wedding bring this plays up the bride’s hormones.

Panty liners; will be useful in case the bride just ended her menstrual cycle or if she gets a light flow.

Sewing needles; need say anything more? Sewing needles come in handy as a first aid remedy in case of a tear that needs a quick fix.

Thread; should be in the colours of the gown and theme colours of the bride’s dresses. You do not need the whole roll of thread just a meter rolled on a piece of paper is adequate.

Spare buttons; are needed to replace buttons that fall off. Remember the wedding is one day that you cannot repeat so how you look is important.

Fabric glue; can be used to stick detail on shoes finished with fabric incase the bow fell off for instance.

All in all the contents in the bridal kit are like what one would refer to as the bridal ‘fast aid’ kit and the matron should be in charge of it. The contents can be chosen according to preference to enhance the bride’s grooming and hygiene as well.

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