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By Harriet Birungi
The way you arrive for your wedding can tell a lot about you.
“If you arrive in a convoy of Jaguars or Range Rovers, then you are certainly in the rich class category. True, you may be hiring for that one day, but what you have hired isa status symbol in its own right,” says Diana Namiwanda, operations manager Bridal Cars Uganda.
She adds that to know what is popular in bridal transportation, one needs to keep abreast with the various bridal cars and cost of hire. And, what better way to know all this than at the Bride &Groom Expo from June 23 to 25.
In its ninth edition, the Expo will take place at the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association new exhibition hall.
Among the many service providers in the wedding industry to exhibit will be those dealing with cars to hire for weddings.
Namiwanda says the popular cars at the moment are Jaguars, Compressor Mercedes Benzes, Chryslerand Ranger Rovers.
“Compressors are on the cheaper side, going for sh300,000 to 350,000 for the day; the Jaguar is between sh400,000 and sh450,000. This cost comes with fuel and a driver,” adds Namiwanda.
Convoys are often of one outstanding car like a Chrysler for the couple and the rest Jaguars. Another couple can prefer one Range Rover and Jaguars for the bridal party.
However, for the shoe string budget, the couple can hire one Jaguar and Compressor Mercedes Benzes for the rest of the entourage.
“But some couples want their day to be uniquely different, so they will opt to drive themselves, and that’s where convertible Benzes become the car of choice,” Namiwanda says.
This can be teamed with Compressors for the entourage.
At this year’s Expo, guests should expect improved service delivery.
Executive Fleet director, Collins Muganza says people should expect to see top of the range cars like Ranger Rovers, the Land Cruiser V8 and new model E-Class Benzes.
“We will try to change the cars on display so that people get a chance to see many options a couple can choose from, “says Muganza.
He adds that the type of car a couple will choose for their entourage depends on how much they are willing to pay. A middle class couple may choose from Jaguars, E-class Benzes while high class has the likes of V8, popularly known as ‘empenkoni’ or the Cross Country Benz. For these, one can expect to pay sh1m and above per car.
There is also the Limousine V8, a longer version of the Limousine, which is sh3m for hire. This is a popular choice for that couple that does not want a fleet of cars for a convoy. It can sit four people comfortably, but can take a bridal party of up to six people.
Alternatively, you can have the ML Formatic Benz for the bride and groom and then team it with E-class Benzes for maids, for a colourfulconvey.
Guests coming to the Expo should also expect to get discounts on bookings made at the venue. Entrance to the Expo is sh10,000.

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