It’s A Learning Experience With Ssenga Sessions

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By Harriet Birungi
“Marriage is about intimacy on two fronts; sexuality, how to treat your partner in marriage if you are to be happy together; and how to be exemplary to the children so that they are proud of you and learn to appreciate that marriage is teamwork,” says Elizabeth Masaba, a counselor and mid-wife.
This, among many other things it what Masaba will be talking about at the ssenga sessions at the ninth Bride & Groom Expo, taking place from June 22 to 24.
Masaba, the CEO of Ebenezer Solace Psychological Consultancy, says many women have misconceptions about sex, marriage and in-laws.“Many women go into marriage expecting their husbands to provide everything. But as a woman and a team member, one for one to realize happiness, she needs to chip in. Use some of your money to fill any gaps.Women are helpers and how much you have will make your home the haven you want.”
The ssenga sessions are some of the most fun activities at the Bride & Groom Expo and this year will be no different. Masaba, one of the many counselors at the Expo, speaks candidly to both men and women about their expectations in marriage.
Joining her this year will also be well known New Vision columnist and relationship expert, Hilary Bainemigisha, commonly known as Dr. Love.
Taking a cue from Masaba, Dr. Love says men, too, have misgivings about sex and marriage.
“Men want marriage to be their castle, where they are kings.That is to say ‘they will be done’.Yet today’s marriage needs some democracy. They also want all their traditional rights but without all the traditional duties. This is where the clashing starts in marriage,” says Dr. Love.
“At the Expo, there will be deeper interactions with honestviews to finding solutions to make the marriage good for both husband and wife,” says Dr. Love.
“The ssenga sessions are always a fun timebecause of the way we tailor the information,”says Lucy Parwot, the editor of Bride and Groom magazine. “While we deal with serious issues about sex and marriage, we focus on making sure the audience is relaxed and able to ask as many honest questions as possible. I do not want to give away too much, but we have some really exciting topics, let’s just say we are going to strip myths bare, speak from the heart and know the audience will have a good time.”
The Bride & Groom Expo will be held at the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association new exhibition hall, with an entrance fee of sh10,000.

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