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Bride & Groom is basically a wedding planning tool. The major target group is therefore couples intending to get married. It is practical, informative and very helpful in identifying what is on the ground and the best service providers.

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Lucy_NEWThe Bride & Groom Wedding Expo 2015 was a true showcase of the latest trends in the wedding industry. From artificial flowers, elegant bouquets, designer accessories and innovative cake to wedding gown designs, and so much more.

From the exhibitors point of view, the event was well planned and a great three-day affair that saw most of them getting new clients.

“It was our first time at the expo and it presented us with an opportunity to present what we do best…ever since we participated in the Expo, we have had enough customers and we are doing well,” says Henry Lubega of Cake Studio.


We have started the countdown to the Bride & Groom Expo 2018!.It’s back again, but it is not just the Expo you have grown to love and look forward to…it is a celebration of 10 years!10 years of getting bigger and better, 10 years of a journey with you, the faithful exhibitors and fans!

The atmosphere is literally electric as we prepare to host this year’s Expo, from June 22 to 24. And, we are pulling out all the stops with this Expo – bigger, grand and more than you could imagine.

For starters, in celebration of the 10 years of Bride & Groom Expo, we are also…wait for it…giving away honeymoon packages to, yes, you read right – HONEYMOONS!!! You will definitely not want to miss out on that! And, there will be lots of other prizes to give away!

And, if you thought last year’s independent runway was splendid, there is a lot more happening this year! You are not going to want to miss a single moment of this very popular session of the fashion shows as we showcase the best in wedding gown attire, from the walk down the aisle to the honeymoon, coupled with entertainment. You know I cannot give it all away, but trust that it is going to be massive, and unforgettable experience.

And, we could not have all of this without having a special tribute session to the brains and beauty that started it all – Keturah Kamugasa (RIP).

The workshops are also going to be tailored quite differently, with a special all-day ssengasession. Come with all your burning questions and let your worries, doubts and fears be laid to rest on that day. There will also be the other sessions on hair, cake and honeymoon destinations and a whole lot more.

There are lots of prizes to be won, so come prepared to be one of the lucky winners to get what is up for grabs.

Get your calendars, phones, tablets, diaries, whatever it is you use and set the reminder: June 22 to 24. Come expecting to be completely blown away! See you there!

Lucy Parwot

Bride & Groom Magazine Editor



Welcome to the Bride and Groom Expo 2018!!  This year’s edition is extra special, as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Uganda’s BIGGEST wedding expo!

For the past 10 years, we have been helping couples from all walks of life to plan their wedding in a single day.  Not only that, but we have given wedding service providers a platform to grow their businesses while bringing their clients directly to them.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all exhibitors especially the ones who have walked this journey with us from the very beginning: Tem Fashion Wear, NM International Ltd, Photo Artistik, Unik Bridals, Cake to Differ & Flexi Impressions.  We thank you for believing in our vision for this event. This celebration is as much yours as it is ours.  To exhibitors joining us for the first time, welcome aboard!  You have made the right choice.

In typical Expo fashion, we are doing it even BIGGER this year.  With over 130 wedding service providers under one roof, you can be assured of a busy weekend!  We will have an extra special, world class fashion designer showcase, performances by your favourite artists as well as Ssenga and Kojja sessions that you simply cannot afford to miss!

I am incredibly excited and can’t wait for you to enjoy another fantastic expo!

Joweria Nabuuma 
Event Organizer