Terms & Conditions

o Audit Clearance: Without full clearance from the New Vision, no one will be allowed to setup. The clearance process will be conducted until June 26th 2014.

o Show Times: The exhibition hours will be from 9:00am – 9:30pm daily.

o Awards: A panel of expert judges will move around the expo visiting stalls at random times to select winners in the biggest and smallest display categories. Exhibitors are therefore encouraged to ensure their stall stands out.

o Cleaning: A crew will be provided for the general exhibition hall spaces each day before the opening of the show and during show hours. Expo management will not provide cleaning inside the booth.

o Setup Times: Setup of the booths will start 26th June from 8:00am and should be concluded by 6:00pm on 26th June 2014. Failure for an exhibitor to setup their stall in time and without prior notice will result in the expo management to utilise the space as the stall will be deemed abandoned.

o Tear down: The exhibition hall will need to be cleared of all exhibitor equipment by Sunday 29th June 2014 at 11:00pm. Special requests to pick property the following day maybe granted however the expo management will not be present past the deadline time.

o Electrical: Each exhibition booth will be fully lit throughout the expo period. Management will do everything within its power to maintain power supply throughout the expo period. Each booth will be provided with a 3 pin 220 volt power point. Exhibitors must maintain a power load not exceeding 2000V and must turn off all electronic/electric equipment when the exhibition day ends. Exhibitors using sensitive equipment must install stabiliser units of their own to prevent damages from unstable electricity. Management is not responsible for any damage caused by violating the regulations above.

o Obstruction of aisles or booths: The aisles are the property of the entire show and each exhibitor has the responsibility to ensure proper flow of traffic through the entire show. Any demonstration or activity which results in the obstruction of aisles, prevents ready access to nearby exhibition booths and is an infringement on the rights of other exhibitors is strictly prohibited.

o Fashion Shows: There will be a stage for all fashion shows and a schedule to be followed. Management reserves the right to allocate and manage the schedule. Exhibitors will NOT be allowed to carry out fashion shows in their booths.

o Fire & Safety regulations: Smoking in the expo area is strictly forbidden. Exhibitors must not block aisles, fire exits and fire extinguishers. The possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons is strictly prohibited in the expo area.

o Furniture: Standard booth furnishing which includes a table and two chairs will be provided by the expo management. Any exhibitor planning on bringing their own display/furniture should feel free to do so and decline management furniture with prior communication.

o Sound: There will be a general public address system throughout the expo show area. PLEASE NOTE: No exhibitor will be permitted to operate their own P.A sound system from their stall or any other part of the exhibition hall.

o Meals: The expo management will ensure food and drinks vendors are on site throughout the duration of the expo. These will provide meals at subsidised prices to cater for exhibitors and visitors throughout the expo period.

o Security: Each exhibitor must take responsibility for the security of all items in his/her display. Show management, the facility and guard service will not accept any responsibility. In an effort to guard against theft, damage and other undesirable occurrences, the expo management will provide a perimeter uniformed guard service in the exhibition hall from set up, show times and tear down time.

➢ Exhibitors will be allowed in the exhibition hall during the established setup and tear down hours and also one hour prior to the opening of the show each day and must leave within one hour after the show closes each day.
➢ Security is instructed to allow in the exhibition hall only those exhibitors bearing the expo tag.
➢ Exhibitors are advised to carry away small valuable items like laptops, cameras and cell phones when leaving each day.
➢ The expo management will not be held liable for any property left unattended to during show hours.
➢ Exhibitor wristbands must be worn at all times.

Under NO circumstances will anyone be allowed in the exhibition hall without proper identification. All stall attendants are required to wear their tags for identification at all times.